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Cakewalk Releases SONAR 7 Producer Edition

Cakewalk announces SONAR 7 Producer Edition ($619) and Studio Edition ($369) for Windows.

Cakewalk announces SONAR 7 Producer Edition ($619) and Studio Edition ($369) for Windows. Producer Edition features an open and customizable environment, high-quality instruments and effects, and flexible mixing and delivery options. It offers an integrated Step Sequencer view; Smart MIDI Tools; MIDI workflow and editing enhancements; Roland V-Vocal Version 1.5 editor, which now offers pitch-to-MIDI conversion; new software instruments; and more.

The new Step Sequencer view features up to 16 steps per beat with 64 beats per pattern; support for odd time signatures (in meters other than 4/4); a Fit Pattern to Quarters control that fits patterns into lengths of any number of quarter notes for creating polyrhythmic parts (such as five-against-four rhythms, hemiolas, septuplets, etc.); the ability to control velocity offset and scale values in an entire row all at once; MIDI controller automation drawing; step ties; monophonic/polyphonic toggle switch; global portamento toggle switch with time control; swing and articulation controls. Integration with SONAR’s Drum Mapping and MIDI routing allows you to simultaneously trigger sounds from different instruments from the same step sequencer, a feature designed for working with complex or layered drum kit setups with sounds that are sourced from different instruments.

Three Smart MIDI Tools can each be configured to perform multiple operations to suit one’s editing style. By allowing users to perform multiple MIDI operations without switching tools, Smart MIDI Tools promises to speed up SONAR editing sessions.

A real-time drag/quantize feature allows selected notes and events to be quickly aligned with snap settings. Multi-lane controller editing is available in Piano Roll view, so that controller data can be moved/copied across lanes and multiple controls can be viewed/edited per lane. The MIDI display includes MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Meters and Velocity Colorizer. Enhanced MIDI editing is possible with functions for splitting, gluing and muting notes.

SONAR 7 Producer Edition also offers more ACT (Active Controller Technology) presets for popular hardware. New ACT presets include Akai MPK49, Korg padKONTROL and Line 6 TonePort KB37.

New software instruments include the Z3TA+ Version 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer; Dimension LE (featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra); Rapture LE; and the DropZone sample player/synth.

SONAR 7 also includes the LP-64 multiband linear phase mastering compressor/limiter with AutoQ functionality; LP-64 EQ linear phase mastering EQ with 20-point control curve; Boost 11 peak limiter; internal sidechaining for Sonitus:fx Compressor, Sonitus:fx Gate, VC-64 Vintage Channel and third party VST plug-ins with sidechain (multiple-input) capability.

Registered SONAR 6 Producer Edition customers can upgrade to SONAR 7 Producer Edition directly through Cakewalk for $179; SONAR 6 Studio Edition customers can upgrade to SONAR 7 Studio Edition for $99. Other upgrade paths are available.

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