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Cakewalk’s SONAR V-Studio 100 Makes Its Debut at Mix Nashville

Cakewalk’s new SONAR V-Studio 100 portable music production studio will make its debut at Mix Nashville

Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 100

Specially designed for singer-songwriters, producers and musicians on the go, the SONAR V-Studio 100 packs an audio interface, a universal DAW controller, a personal digital mixer and secure digital recorder in one compact, portable solution.

You can connect the VS-100 to a Mac or PC to produce tracks, then load music on the SD card and take it to a gig—without the need for a computer. You can then use the VS-100 to play backing tracks, mix your set and record your live performance all at the same time. When you’re done, you can easily import your recordings back to your computer for further polishing or to upload your performances to the Internet, all on the night of the show.

Cakewalk will also be showing its flagship SONAR V-Studio 700. This complete hardware/software studio combines a comprehensive control surface that provides integration and control for recording, editing and mixing, along with an audio interface that is perfectly matched for SONAR’s 64-bit audio engine. The hardware also includes a built-in Roland Fantom VS synthesizer.

Be sure to schedule time to check out Cakewalk in Room B.