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Calrec Audio Reduces Omega List Price, Zeta Production to Cease

Calrec Audio in Hebden Bridge, UK, announces it will reduce the list price of its Omega with Bluefin console to bring it in line with Zeta console pricing, with a view to discontinue production of the Zeta on March 31, 2012. The decision to reduce Omega pricing is in response to a customer shift toward the Bluefin platform.

Calrec Omega with Bluefin console

“The implementation of Bluefin’s FPGA technology in 2007 introduced a DSP system that is considerably more powerful and reliable than conventional designs,” says Henry Goodman, Calrec’s head of sales and marketing. “As Zeta is Calrec’s only non-Bluefin equipped digital console, we have taken a decision to bring Omega pricing in line with Zeta, allowing all our customers to benefit from Bluefin technology.”

With this in mind, Calrec will cease production of the Zeta console at the end of the company’s financial year. The company is offering an opportunity to make final purchases of Zeta consoles, modules, racks and cards. Calrec states that in keeping with its support policy, it will continue to provide component spares and repair services for the Zeta for a minimum of 10 years from shipment date. Should original components or parts become unavailable, Calrec will offer appropriate alternatives, including hardware/software solutions.

Calrec also states that its distributors will contact existing customers to advise them of the details of the final-purchase offer and to assess their need for consoles, modules and cards.

Address questions via Calrec’s online distribution network, or contact Calrec directly via email at [email protected].

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