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Capitol Studios in Hollywood Hosts Sennheiser Sales Seminar for GC Staff

At the recent Sennheiser/Guitar Center sales seminar, Capitol Studios displayed the original Neumann U47 mic and case used by Frank Sinatra.

On October 18, 2006, Sennheiser USA and Guitar Center joined forces to present a microphone seminar to more than 50 of the national retail chain’s local sales associates at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. In appreciation for hosting the event, Sennheiser presented the studio’s manager, Paula Salvatore, with a pair of MKH800 microphones.

Sennheiser’s western market development manager, Thom Salisbury, led the seminar with the assistance of Steve Genewick, a staff engineer at Capitol Studios for nearly 15 years. Sennheiser’s Southern California sales rep, Kenny Andrews, also participated. Divided into morning and afternoon sessions, the seminar offered a detailed demonstration of the Sennheiser and Neumann microphone lines, including Sennheiser’s popular drum microphones and wireless guitar system kits, which were demonstrated by Musician’s Institute students Ben Thompson and Lucas Buckett.

The Neumann U47 microphone used by Frank Sinatra, who recorded several albums at Capitol Studios, was brought out for everyone to see (pictured). The microphone is still in its original case, which bears the handwritten label, “Frank.”

Vocalist Akida Naloo, a student in Delbi Smart’s vocal program at Musician’s Institute, demonstrated vocal microphones, including Sennheiser’s evolution 835, and the Neumann KMS 105 and TLM 49. Naloo sang one of Sinatra’s signature tunes, “My Funny Valentine.” His vocals were routed via Capitol Studios’ famous echo chambers, which were designed by Les Paul and are located below the present parking lot.

The original Capitol studios were constructed in the mid-’50s as part of the distinctive 13-story Capitol Records building just north of the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

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