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CEDAR Audio Announces DNS2000 Version 3 with Universal Binary Support

A significant upgrade to the original system, CEDAR Audio’s DNS2000 Version 3 is a Universal Binary update that makes the DNS2000 Dialog Noise Suppressor compatible with the latest versions of Pro Tools (currently 7.3), all single- and dual-processor Motorola G4 and G5 (PowerPC) based Macs, as well as the latest Intel-based Macintosh Pros. It also improves integration with all Digidesign’s control surfaces, including the D-Command and ICON systems.

The software’s new-look user interface is in keeping with the latest versions of Pro Tools. It makes the Remote Control Software (RCS) clearer and easier to use, and improves support for users controlling multiple DNS2000 hardware units from a single Pro Tools system running a single instance of the DNS2000 RCS.

The DNS2000 V. 3 software may be downloaded from CEDAR’s Website, and installation and upgrading can be carried out by the user in just minutes. The complete V. 3 upgrade is free of charge to all existing and future users.

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