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CEDAR Introduces Respeed Speed Correction Software

CEDAR Audio is now offering Respeed software, which automatically identifies, or allows the user to interactively identify, unwanted speed changes contained within audio. Faulty tape recorder transports, sticky tapes, electrical problems in analog recording devices, and off-center holes in disks that lead to wow can cause speed errors in recordings and playback. In each case, the recording or the replayed audio exhibits speed changes with respect to what would have been recorded or replayed had the fault not existed.

CEDAR states that once Respeed has determined unwanted speed changes, the track may be processed many times faster than real time for greater pitch stability and improved intelligibility in speech signals. However, musical pitch variations such as vibrato and glissandos are left unaffected.

Respeed incorporates three modes of processing, including an Advanced mode that handles many tracks without user intervention. A range of tools allow users to adapt the process for almost any track that contains speed errors.

In addition to correcting wow, Respeed will address random speed fluctuations and continuous rises or falls in speed caused by problems such as failing batteries in analog recorders.

CEDAR states that Respeed will be available in Q2, 2011, and available though CEDAR’s worldwide network of dealers.

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