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CEntrance Upgrades Universal Driver to Version 2.0

CEntrance released an upgrade to its Universal Driver ($79.95) for FireWire audio interfaces. The Windows audio software enables consumers to combine FireWire audio interfaces from various manufacturers into one, feature-rich audio system. Version 2.0 of the product features high stability and ultra-low latency of just over 5 milliseconds, analog input to analog output.

The major upgrade adds new hardware devices to the list of supported products and enhances performance by adding MIDI and GSIF 2 to the existing ASIO2 and WDM compatibility. GSIF 2 is Tascam’s latest hardware driver compatibility specification for audio interfaces. GSIF 2 is an update of GSIF that adds both kernel level MIDI and audio input into GigaStudio.

The Universal Driver (UD) now supports devices from Apogee, Behringer, Echo, Focusrite, ESI, Mackie, Miglia, M-Audio, PreSonus and Tapco. CEntrance plans to add support for products by Tascam, Alesis, Phonic and many others in the near future. Visit the company’s Website for an up-to-date list of compatible products:

CEntrance also announced that its new product, the Ideal Driver (ID), will have the same compatibility and features as the UD, but will feature single-device capability and will be sold for half the price of UD. The main thrust behind the new driver is giving users a robust alternative to a typical OEM driver, featuring highest stability, lowest latency and other professional features.

The Ideal Driver will be priced at $39.95 MSRP when it ships.

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