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CEO of Revolabs Inc. Issues Statement On FCC’s Impact On Wireless Mics

Martin Bodley, the president and CEO of wireless audio solutions company Revolabs Inc., has issued a statement on the impact of the FCC’s decision to sell UHF frequencies on wireless products:

“The FCC’s recent decision to sell the UHF frequencies to the highest bidder, in advance of the February 2009 shift of broadcast television from analog to digital transmission on that spectrum, greatly impacts the wireless products that have been operating in that spectrum. Wireless microphone manufacturers have been using the VHF/UHF spectrum for years now and this decision is causing a major uproar in the industry. Most wireless microphone products will now be challenged to find an unused, licensed frequency. Owners of such microphones are trying to decide whether their existing equipment will still operate, albeit with more noise, or must be replaced.

“As an electrical engineer by training, I am excited by the growth of the wireless industry. However, as the CEO of Revolabs, a leading maker of wireless microphones and microphone systems used in collaboration environments like conference rooms and offices in businesses around the world, it is important to note that Revolabs microphones operate in the 1.92–1.93 GHz Unlicensed Personal Communication Services (UPCS) range, well away from the area of the FCC’s auction. Further, Revolabs microphones employ digital technology, which enables encryption of the wireless communication.

“Revolabs, an organization that strives to advance the development of wireless technology, believes that with proper thought and application there is ample room on the radio spectrum for more forms of services, all co-existing without risk.

“We believe the FCC has acted as it should, which is to serve in the public’s interest on matters involving communications by various means.”

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