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Chalice Recording Studios Installs SSL AWS 900+

Chalice Recording Studios, one of Southern California’s busiest and fastest-growing facilities, has chosen a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analogue Workstation System for its new Studio F, an overdub/mix studio scheduled to open in March 2007. The AWS 900+ is the fourth SSL console to be installed at the five-room complex, joining two 9000 J Series and an 80-channel G+ console. Chalice Recording Studios also features four production rooms for a total of nine.

According to studio manager Stacey Dodds, Chalice hosts many hip hop and R&B projects, and sought to build and equip a room that surpassed the needs of programming and DAW-based production.

“We have seen a movement toward all in-the-box mixing and wanted to catch a part of that market,” Dodds says. “But we didn’t want to do it with just a stand-alone control surface and limit ourselves to only being able to use that for what it is. We wanted to have a console in the room that was usable for more than just controlling Pro Tools. We wanted to offer something more middle of the road for our clients. While they’re booking the main rooms, they often need another room to do programming and don’t want to pay full rate for it. The AWS 900+ allows us to build a room to accommodate that need.

“Solid State Logic consoles have a sound about them,” Dodds adds. “We have three other SSLs and wanted to maintain that sound. The AWS 900+ is an amazing sounding console. It wasn’t a hard sell.”

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