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Chronicles of Riddick Pics

Gershin (L) and “wingman” Peter Zinda record root sounds for Riddick at a friend’s
Lear jet hangar.

Gershin up close on the Lear jet engine

To create an organic feel, the audio crew recorded all types of animal sounds
at a facility north of L.A.

Recording a rare black leopard

Capturing the snarl of the rare black leopard

Restful breathing of the rare black leopard

Effects re-recording mixer Frankie Montano on Universal’s Hitchcock Stage.

Rob Arbittier (L), and Scott Gershin and Peter Zinda (rear) in Arbittier’s power-packed
production studio

From L to R: Zinda, Arbiter and Gershin

Gershin grabs an old knob to design sound

Vintage keyboards played a huge role in the creation of the Riddick soundtrack.

Gershin’s voice, as an effect, finds its way into most of his films.

From L to R: Zinda, Gershin and Arbittier at their own Wall of Sound