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Chuck Ainlay and Greg Ladanyi Audio Clips

Mark Knopfler, “Why Aye Man” from Ragpicker’s Dream

This track is an example of how Chuck Ainlay got Knopfler’s classic strat sound, miking both the strings and the amp to attain his tone.

Jackson Browne, “Call It a Loan” (from the 1980 Asylum Records LP, Hold Out)

This track is an example of how Greg Ladanyi captured David Lindley’s Vox amplifier using a Shure SM57 up close on the cabinet and a Neumann U67 about five feet back, recording both to one track. In addition, Ladanyi recorded a room mic to a second track. To get the full tone and stereo spread heard on the record, he used four delays, set at approximately 16 ms, 30 ms, 45 ms and 65 ms, then panned these across the stereo field and recorded them to a stereo pair of tracks.