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Claude Lemay Records with Soundelux E47C Tube Condenser Mic

Claude “Mégo” Lemay (pictured), musical director for Céline Dion’s Las Vegas show, A New Day, at The Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace, depends on a Soundelux E47C tube condenser microphone in his private recording studio. Lemay, who is also a songwriter, composer and arranger, purchased the mic through Al Priest at Studio Tech.

“When you have a killer mic, you don’t have to redo your vocal tracks,” Lemay says. “With the Soundelux E47C, I can record a vocal, put it on an album, and it sounds amazing. Everyone wants their recordings to be as close to reality as possible, and with this mic you’re so close to perfection that you rarely need any EQ. The E47C sounds warm, crisp and very real.

“When you listen to the radio, 95 percent of the music is done with a great vocalist,” Lemay points out. “There’s nothing more important then getting the right tool to record your singer.”

Lemay has also used the E47C to capture acoustic guitar, violins and other instruments for demos and scores. “I don’t use a lot of samples. I’m more into the real sounds of things,” he says. “My studio is small and I don’t want to deal with a huge mic cabinet trying one mic after another. I just grab the E47C as my all-around microphone because of its excellent sensitivity. It captures everything. For violins, I use distance miking, whereas with acoustic guitar, I’ll place it closer.”

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