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Composer Youki Yamamoto Installs Prism Sound’s ADA-8XR

Composer and arranger Youki Yamamoto (pictured) recently installed a Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel converter and processor in his private facility within Pinewood Film Studios in the UK. Yamamoto, whose credits appear on numerous American and British films, including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Nanny McPhee and Comeback Season, recently established his own studio in a converted theater at Pinewood. He is using his ADA-8XR in conjunction with a ’70s-era 24-channel Neve 5315 console for recording and with Logic Pro and Pro Tools for mixing.

“I don’t have much outboard equipment in my studio, but I do like using lots of different mic pre’s,” Yamamoto explains. “My collection includes several vintage Neve, TAB V72, Amek and SSL 5000 preamps, which I use all the time when I record, because I like their sound. And the most important place to get the sound right is at the point where it comes into your system. That’s also true of the ADA-8XR. It sounds really good, and I know I’ll be using it for years because, just like my vintage Neve console and my collection of vintage preamps, the build quality is exceptional and the hardware concept is one that will last.

“As a composer, I don’t always use the same software or computer for an entire project—especially when I’m working on a film, which by its very nature is a long process,” Yamamoto continues. “I tend to use Logic Pro on a Mac and GigaStudio on a PC when I’m writing, then I orchestrate and copy parts on Sibelius and [do] recording/mixing on Pro Tools. The ADA-8XR’s ability to handle any of these [applications] will be invaluable when I’m working on a big project that might take place in several studios and could well involve other programmers, engineers and music editors who all use different sorts of equipment. Equally, I can see it being valid when I’m doing small to medium-sized projects, where I have to do everything from writing to mixing in one studio.”

Since installing his ADA-8XR, Yamamoto has started work on a score for a German
film and has also completed the score for a film clip that will be used to promote Pinewood Studio’s 70th anniversary.

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