Computer Hardware/Software



Abaltat Muse, the world's first video-driven soundtrack composer, is now available for the Windows (and Mac) platforms. This pro software application creates original, royalty-free, broadcast-quality soundtracks in minutes. At NAB, Abaltat will demonstrate Muse Version 1.1, used to measure select elements in a moving picture, and subsequently compose complementary music for that edited picture sequence. The result can be exported as a full mix (either .aiff or .wav file), track by track, or as a MIDI file. NAB booth: SL9610.


mSoft provides asset management, search and archive systems for both audio (music and SFX) and video (still and motion) assets. More than 30,000 CDs of production music and SFX libraries are available for the MusicCue system. Music cues sheets can be automatically created from EDL files that are accurate to the 10th of a second. New at NAB are improved non-production music ingestion tools and management, fincluding sort by artist and genre. NAB booth: SL10612.