Frontier Design Group Apache This rackmount, 12-port optical patchbay features an independent precision PLL for each optical input, carefully reclocking

Frontier Design Group Apache

This rackmount, 12-port optical patchbay features an independent precision PLL for each optical input, carefully reclocking all incoming ADAT (or S/PDIF Toslink signals). Easy-access routing controls mean no menus to navigate. With Apache, you can route an input to one or more outputs; store/recall 12 complete routing setups (or any number via MIDI SysEx); and expand the system via multiple Apaches. Retail: $799 ($649 direct from manufacturer).
199 Heater Rd.
Lebanon, NH 03766
603/448-6398; fax 603/448-6398

Gefen ex-tend-it USB-500

Gefen's ex-tend-it USB-500 extends USB peripherals up to 1,650 feet from the operating computer, using a fiber-optic transmission system. Price: $949.
6265 Variel Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818/884-6294; fax 818/884-3108

Gepco 552624GFC

Gepco International is expanding the 5526GFC Series of 110-ohm AES/EBU digital audio multipairs to include the 24-pair 552624GFC. The 552624GFC features an exacting 110-ohm impedance, low jitter and attenuation, ease of termination, and flexibility. Pair construction consists of two stranded 26-gauge conductors, foam polypropylene insulation, 100% foil shield with drain wire, and color-coded/alphanumerically numbered PVC jacket. The outer jacket is Gepco's extra-flexible GEP-FLEX compound. The 552624GFC is rated UL-type CM.
1770 Birchwood Ave.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
847/795-9555; fax 847/795-8770


HAVE introduces a high-quality family of audio snakes with two modified, reinforced and heavily protected sections that fit under any door with only 3/16-inch clearance! Available with eight, nine, 12, 16, 24 or more pairs, all with rugged nylon protective covers on the flat sections that prevent abrasion and damage from any door.
309 Power Ave.
Hudson, NY 12534
800/999-4283; fax 518/828-2008

Hosa FXT-401 FireWire Extender

The FXT-401 FireWire extender ($950) allows data transfer to 165 feet at 100 mps or 66 feet at 200 mps between a pair of IEEE1394-1995, 1394-a2000 compliant interfaces. It uses 6-pin 1394 I/O and SMI jacks with proprietary FEX Series cables ($125 to $250).

Hosa D-subs

Hosa's new D-sub cables include the DBD Series for analog audio, HD I/O or SMPTE surround in 1.5- to 15-foot lengths ($19 to $55); and the DES Series, wired for standard pin AES/EBU in 5- to 15-foot lengths ($34 to $80).
6920 Hermosa Circle Buena Park, CA 90620-1151
714/736-9270; fax 714/522-4540

JLCooper MIDI Line Amplifier

Used in a pair (transmit and receiver $199.95/each), the MLA-XLR system extends the range of MIDI cables to over 1,000 feet, using standard, balanced audio XLR cables. No configuration is required, and these interface with other MLA-1 and MLA-10 units in a network application. No wiring necessary. Size: 4.25x4.7x1.6 inches. Weight: 3 lbs.
142 Arena St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
310/322-9990; fax 310/335-0110

Logitek Audio Engine

The Audio Engine digital audio crosspoint router accepts both analog and digital inputs and can output audio in analog or digital formats. In addition to standard crosspoint routing capability, the Audio Engine can mix and sum signals and perform various processing functions. A single Engine will handle up to 64x64 AES inputs/outputs; up to 32 Engines can be linked for large applications. See us at AES booth #1337.
5622 Edgemoor
Houston, TX 77081
713/664-4470; fax 713/664-4479

Zaolla 75W BNC and S/PDIF Cables

Zaolla cables offer superior digital transfer with less jitter at faster rates and longer S/PDIF runs than OFC copper. The 75W Series ZWDC (BNC) and DCR (S/PDIF) are built using solid silver (Ag) conductor, FPE foam, OFC shield, silver-plated braided copper, PTFE tape, and dual layers of high-flex matte jacketing.

Zaolla 110W ZAES AES Cable

Zaolla offers superior digital transfer with less jitter at faster rates, and longer AES runs than OFC copper. The 110W ZAES (AES) uses paired silver conductors, PE dielectrics, PTFE tape, solid silver-braided shield and dual layers of matte jacketing.
Dist. by Hosa Technology Inc.
6920 Hermosa Circle Buena Park, CA 90620-1151
714/736-9270; fax 714/522-4540

Z-Systems OptiPatch+ Matrix Audio Router

The OptiPatch+" accommodates 15 sets of either optical 8-channel ADAT Lightpipe or optical 2-channel S/PDIF ports, for a total I/O capacity of 120 asynchronous 24-bit digital channels at multiple sample rates. Users simply connect rear panel inputs and outputs to digital audio sources and destinations, press a single front panel button and the patch is made. Up to 99 I/O crosspoint routing patterns can be stored and recalled by the unit. End-user price: $999.

Z-Systems Detangler Pro Audio Router

The Detangler Pro" z-256.256r accommodates up to 256 stereo/2-channel inputs, routing in any combination to a total of 256 outputs. Asynchronous sources and destinations can be either 24-bit AES/EBU or S/PDIF format, at sampling rates to 192 kHz and beyond. I/O crosspoint assignments are selectable via a dedicated serial port, using either the firm's dedicated hardware remote or networked Mac and Windows control software. The z-256.256r is modular in increments of 16x16. Pro-user price: $49,000.
4641-F N.W. 6th St.
Gainesville, FL 32609
352/371-0090; fax 352/371-0093