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APHEX SYSTEMS MODEL 828 ANACONDA: This 64×64 digital snake is the perfect interface for the Aphex 1788A preamp. Features include eight ADAT I/Os (64-channel bidirectional) and eight word clock outputs; internal precision word clock and external word clock reference input; Ethernet connector for control and metering; and completely redundant power supply and fiber systems. AES booth #813.

GEFEN 4X1 DVI DL SWITCHER: The 4×1 DVI DL Switcher provides access to four PC and/or Mac computers using two dual-link DVI displays and USB 2 keyboard/mouse control. Ultrahigh-definition resolutions are supported up to 3,840×2,400 on two parallel displays, providing the ultimate in integrated HD computer workstations. Video and control signals are “switched” for each computer upon selection using the IR or wired remote. RS-232 serial communications systems also supported. AES booth #1108.

GEFEN CAT5-7500 HD: The CAT5-7500 HD extender employs cutting-edge technologies that extend uncompressed DVI HD video over Cat-5 cables up to 150 feet. The plug-and-play sender/receiver system extends two DVI displays and computer keyboard/mouse away from the computer while sustaining HD video and USB 2 devices. RS-232 and audio components are also supported. This solution is tolerant of Cat-5 cable skew variations, able to supremely perform in patchbay scenarios and resistant to electromagnetic interference. AES booth #1108.

HARRISON X-ROUTER DIGITAL AUDIO ROUTER: Harrison’s Digital Audio X-Router features 1,536×1,536 crosspoints with eight MADI I/Os and four Gigabit Ethernet I/O ports. It is a companion product to Harrison’s X-Engine Native Engine DSP processors. These new X-Range system components dramatically reduce system costs while maintaining Harrison’s “no-compromise” audio quality, scalability and long renewable life cycle. The X-Router and X-Engine processors will be provided with Harrison digital audio console systems. AES booth #941.

LINK HYBRID AUDIO AND DATA MULTIPAIR: Link’s hybrid cables are designed for fixed installation and mobile applications and to facilitate audio drive rack and data signals. It features 12 and 24 individually jacketed shielded audio pairs with two integral Cat-5 UTP Ethernet cables for data and/or digital audio transmission. Each analog pair has two insulated twisted conductors, drain wire, aluminum/mylar foil shield and jacket. The Cat-5 has four data pairs (24AWG) and overall tape. Available in 1,000-foot lengths.

NEUTRIK 4-POLE Y-SPLIT OPTICALCON: Neutrik’s 4-pole Y-Split OpticalCon offers four multimode fibers within two OpticalCon connectors on each end of an assembled Y-split cable. Perfect for high-bandwidth audio and video or additional control signal transmission, Y-Split OpticalCon is an ideal solution when a two-fiber system is insufficient. The Y-Split has superior cable retention, features a push-pull locking mechanism and protects against dirt and dust via an automatically operated sealing cover. AES booth #1002.

RADIAL ENGINEERING JX44 AIR CONTROL: Remote-controllable signal distribution system for touring features four guitar inputs (two with Drag™ control, two with level trims), built-in JDI for re-amping or acoustic guitar, effects loop for local pedals, SGI™ transmit/receive loop for remote pedal board, tuner output, auxiliary output and four guitar amplifier outputs (isolated to eliminate ground loops), each with ground lift and 180-degree polarity-reverse. Should a wireless system go down, a Panic button re-routes guitar 1 input to amp 1 output. AES booth #1047.

RADIAL ENGINEERING SW8: A switcher for touring where backing tracks are employed and redundancy is required in case of system failure. Features two 8-input sets with -10dB, ¼-inch jacks and +4dB balanced DB25s. Outputs are balanced +4 dB or isolated mic-level XLRs. Input set is selected via front panel switch or remote. Automatic signal detection monitors tone for signal loss and auto-switch to an alternate machine or contact closure to set off alarm. Link function allows multiple SW8s to be cascaded together. AES booth #1047.