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Costa Mesa Studios Installs New Focusrite Console

Focusrite reports that Costa Mesa Studios in Southern California was the first facility to purchase the Focusrite Control 2802 small-format recording console. The Control 2802, introduced in in April 2011, is Focusrite’s first new mixing console in almost 20 years.

Nick Fainbarg at the Focusrite Control 2802 in Costa Mesa Studios

Costa Mesa Studios has played host to the likes of Green Day, Sublime, The Rounders and Whitney Houston. Studio manager and mix engineer Nick Fainbarg (pictured) says that he is happy with the acquisition. “I was considering spending a lot of money on a much larger console, so I spoke to Vintage King, and they strongly suggested that I demo the 2802,” he says. “This was my first real Focusrite experience, and I’m extremely satisfied.”

Fainbarg says that the Focusrite Control 2802 acts as his two-bus analog summing mixer and DAW controller. “I like the small footprint; everything is within reach. It’s nice to have physical fader right there to write automation.”

Fainbarg adds that stereo imaging and the ability to cope with sonic energy are key performance factors when evaluating a stereo bus. “The Control 2802 won me over with its high-performance stereo bus. As I add tracks into a mix, it has the headroom and power I need in the stereo bus to create a transparent and punchy mix, and center information stays where I put it. The board has worthy mic pre’s, an SSL-style bus compressor, intuitive monitoring matrix and DAW controller in the same footprint. Don’t let the footprint fool you; this mixer is very much high end and packed with rock-solid features. I give the 2802 two thumbs up.”

Phil Wagner, president of Focusrite Novation Inc., states, “Our new Focusrite Control 2802 dual layer analog console/DAW controller is exciting. The 2802 is a studio grade console offering features and performance previously only available in consoles costing many times more. Nick Fainbarg’s experience proves the big studio sound is available in a small footprint.”

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