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Creative Media Design Hires Mixer, Sound Designer Bob Kirschner

Bob Kirschner

After 14 years in New York City’s recording and voice casting scene, Creative Media Design is joining the audio post-production world with the addition of mixer/sound Designer Bob Kirschner. Beginning this week, Kirschner is working as a staff mixer in CMD’s 5.1/HD Studio A, mixing promos and spots as well as long-form content.

One of the most talented and sought-after audio post mixers in New York City, Kirschner has spent the last several years lending his sound to the likes of Food Network, Oxygen, Bravo, Major League Baseball and In-Demand. The studio tapped Kirschner, a longtime freelancer at CMD, to mix several projects for Comedy Central in recent months.

CMD Studio A

Known primarily as a boutique voice-over recording and casting facility in New York City’s Flatiron district, CMD has worked on hundreds of spots, promos, documentaries and industrials over the last 14 years and looks to expand on creating standout TV and radio mixes.

CMD states that in 1999, it was one of the first companies in the world to offer online voice casting, which is now an industry standard. In 2005 CMD lead the way into language localization, as one of the first “talent” companies to build a large multi-language voice resource.

CMD Studio B

CMD says that it recognized the need for more boutique audio-post facilities in an industry that has been greatly re-shaped by technology over the last decade. “The days of the behemoth audio post house are over,” says CMD President Mike George. “The demise of HSR, Sound Hound, and more recently Sound One, to me signal not a diminished demand for audio post services but an opportunity to reinvent the business model in a more modern form; it’s an opportunity for a company like ours to evolve it a little and meet clients with services that better fit today’s needs.”

“Our business has always been about talent,” says CMD studio manager Meryl Devulder. “Talent has always been the thing that’s drawn our clients in, kept them coming back and driven us forward. In the past it’s been voice talent, now it’s a mixer of Bob’s high caliber but the principal is the same. The secret is not in how good the sandwiches are, or the pinball machine in the lobby, instead, it’s in the creative strength of our people.”

George adds, “It’s impossible to overstate the effect technology has had on our industry in recent years; it’s never been more about the talent of your mixer.”

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