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Crown, JBL Pro Bring VERTEC V4 Preset Library to I-Tech Series

At the recently completed Musikmesse/Pro Light+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, Crown International announced that JBL Professional’s new V4 preset library for all passive VERTEC loudspeaker system models will soon be available for Crown’s flagship I-Tech Series of power amplifiers (pictured). Offered as a free download from the Crown and JBL Websites at the end of March, and corresponding with the release of Harman Pro’s System Architect software Version 1.7, the comprehensive digital V4 information package includes system drive files for all full-size, mid-size and compact line array elements, along with a wide variety of VERTEC subwoofer combinations.

“Given the high number of VERTEC users operating their systems with I-Tech amplification and internal DSP processing, there has been extremely high demand for V4 preset support for this platform,” says Paul Bauman, JBL’s director of tour sound product and application engineering. “It’s been under development for a while now, and we appreciate Crown’s efforts in implementing the specific requirements that were necessary to bring V4 to I-Tech. To date, beta testing of I-Tech V4 has been extremely favorable and I’m very pleased that I-Tech V4 support will soon be officially available.”

According to Brian Divine, Crown’s market director for engineered sound and touring sound: “We’re excited to add support for JBL’s V4 presets, which will give our customers the absolutely best possible sound and experience they deserve from a Harman system.”

JBL’s V4 DSP preset data provides VERTEC system users with a standardized system configuration platform that ensures global consistency between systems in different regions, regardless of models used, application, or size of rental inventory. With V4, professional sound mixers and system operators are now able to rely upon a standardized, refined digital drive package when working on different VERTEC systems around the world.

V4 presets function as a software upgrade to enhance the performance of any passive VERTEC system. Extended high-frequency response, optimized sub/low processing and scalable system design capabilities with consistent spectral balance from one model to the next are hallmarks of the V4 preset libraries.

For more information, and to download the V4 preset library, go to or