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DAD Brings in EuCon

Digital Audio Denmark’s (DAD) flagship converter system, the AX24, is now controllable directly from both the Euphonix System 5-MC and MC digital audio workstation controllers via EuCon, Euphonix’ high-speed control protocol.

Control of the AX24 is achieved via DAD’s DADman remote-control software. Being a EuCon-aware application, DADman can be opened on the System 5-MC’s or MC’s PC, and the MC controls can be used to operate the converters. As an example, the AX24’s mic pre controls and delay can be represented on the channel strip of the Euphonix 5-MC. Additional control parameters include low-cut on/off, phase-invert on/off and mute on/off.

The AX24 supports a variety of I/O options, including AES, MADI, TDIF, S-DIF3 and PTMix24 digital interfaces. By running DADman via the Euphonix controller, a MADI-equipped AX24 converter can transmit all eight audio channels over a single co-ax cable to a Euphonix console or to a PC using a PCI MADI card, facilitating the highest professional standards for mastering, recording and broadcast applications.

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