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Dangerous Music Announces New 2-BUS-XT Analog Summing Mixer

Previewed at the recent NAMM Show, the single-rackspace unit has been fully re-engineered from its predecessor.


New York, NY (June 30, 2022)—Dangerous Music is accepting pre-orders for its new 2-BUS-XT 16-channel analog summing mixer, which was previewed at the recent NAMM Show and is scheduled to begin shipping in Q4 2022.

According to the manufacturer, the single rack space 2-BUS-XT mastering-grade summing amp “delivers the spacious sound stage and sonic performance for which Dangerous Music is renowned.” It also introduces new transformer-driven circuitry that offers unique custom coloration capabilities.

Fully re-engineered from its predecessor, the new 2-BUS-XT leverages the six-layer board summing circuitry of the 2-BUS+, designed by company co-founder Chris Muth, to produce super wide stereo imaging and ultra-high-resolution depth of field with tons of headroom. Unlike other summing units that inherently impose a color signature on the audio sources, the company says, the 2-BUS-XT allows users to dial in as little or as much complexity and excitement to their tracks as they wish via two custom color circuits, also designed by Muth.

The transformers in the new color circuits were chosen following extensive listening trials and subtly introduce 2nd order harmonics to produce lower mid-range warmth while preserving top-end articulation. A variable Coherence control creates dimensional asymmetry by progressively elevating the harmonic content by bringing up the detail as the levels are reduced then blending the result with the source mix, in a similar manner to parallel compression. The color circuitry may be assigned to one or both of channels 15 and 16 or to the mix bus or assigned to an aux send from the DAW. The associated switches offer a true hard-wire bypass of the color circuitry.

Two mono buttons across input pairs 1-2 and 9-10 enable sources such as vocals or kick drum to be solidly anchored to the center of the stereo mix. A sum level output trim enables users to manually fade a mix in real time or set the level before A-to-D conversion and final mix buss processing.

Multiple 16-channel 2-BUS-XT units may be stacked to accommodate higher channel counts through the external input. The unit may additionally be paired with the Dangerous 2-BUS+ to give users a total of five different analog color circuit options or with the D-BOX+ to add comprehensive monitor control and 24 channels of summing.

 MSRP is $1,999.