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Dangerous Music Releases the Stereo BAX EQ

Dangerous Music in Edmeston, N.Y., is shipping its new stereo Dangerous BAX EQ ($2,529 MSRP). The single-rackspace unit is designed as a broad-stroke sonic sculpting tool with a unique signature for use in mastering and as a final mix bus shelving EQ. Dangerous Music says that it was inspired by the classic “Baxandall” shelving curves of the ’60s and ’70s to create a “high-fidelity equalizer with a 21st century mastering aesthetic.”

The BAX EQ focuses on clarity, ultralow distortion and extremely low noise. The company states that in addition to stereo program material, it can also be used in a mic/mic pre chain without lowering the quality or changing the character of any units’ natural sound, using its EQ curves to tame an overly bright condenser mic or to add “air” to a ribbon mic.

The Dangerous BAX EQ features stepped controls throughout for repeatability and identical stereo operation; broad Q shelving; 7-position highpass and lowpass filters, with -2 pole Butterworth configuration (12 dB/oct); 8-position high and low frequency select; +/-5dB cut and boost controls in half-dB steps.

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