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Danley Sound Labs DSLA Amplifier, DSLP48 Sound Processor

The DSLA amplifier from Danley Sound Labs is available in four output power configurations: 1.7K, 3.3K, 4.5K and 6.5K. The DSLA 6.5K delivers 6,500 watts to a 4-ohm load in bridged mode or 2,200W to two 4-ohm loads in dual-channel mode; the other configurations follow a parallel name-to-output convention.

Danley Sound Labs DSLA 3.3K

The DSLA is capable of driving a 2-ohm load and promises unusually robust performance, both in terms of fidelity and reliability. Input and condition status monitoring is said to be intuitive and comprehensive, and the company says that input and output connectors and protocols will easily integrate with any installation or touring system.

Danley Sound Labs DSLP48 sound processor

The Danley DSLP48 sound processor contains a wealth of DSP functionality— including parametric equalization, filtering, crossovers, compression, limiting and delay—that is deployed via intuitive design software. Its four inputs and eight outputs and flexible internal routing are designed to fit the needs of installations and live sound rigs. It offers 40-bit internal floating DSP, musical algorithms and 24-bit input and output converters to ensure that sound at the outputs is as good or better than the input signals. Fully integrated RS-232, USB and Ethernet interfaces allow command and and control from an external computer or a network.

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