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Danley Sound Labs Introduces Jericho Horn

At last week’s InfoComm show, Danley Sound Labs introduced the Jericho Horn, which is built upon the same three patent-pending technologies— Synergy Horn, Paraline and Shaded Amplitude Lens—as the company’s Genesis Horn. The Jericho Horn has a four-way design with six 18-inch low-frequency drivers, six 6-inch midrange-frequency drivers, and two 4-inch two-way high-frequency drivers. Users will have the option of adding 20,000 watts of self-power and user-adjustable DSP.

Danley states that the combination of the three Danley patent-pending technologies enable a single Genesis or Jericho Horn to supply even coverage out to multiple hundreds of feet. Shaded Amplitude Lens Technology is said to allow as much as 20 dB of gain out of a single cabinet, to be evenly distributed over a very large listening plane. The frequency response of a Genesis or Jericho Horn, due to the Synergy Horn technology, is reportedly smooth in all dimensions and offers a better phase response.

Danley developed the Synergy Horn technology employed in the company’s flagship SH-50 full-range loudspeaker, along with the Paraline and Shaded Amplitude Lens technology that makes the new horns conform to three critical requirements: high output, appropriate SPL by angle so that everyone from the front row to the back row receives the same impact, and outstanding fidelity.

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