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Danley Sound Labs Loudspeakers Provide Sound for First Baptist Church of Alpharetta

The worship center at First Baptist Alpharetta Church, based in Alpharetta, Ga., was outfitted with a new sound reinforcement system headed by Danley Sound Labs SH-50 and SH-100 full-range loudspeakers, plus TL-115 subwoofers. The church’s 900-capacity worship center, which opened in 1978, offers traditional architecture and aesthetics, but recently underwent a significant transition when the church decided to also offer contemporary services.

The new sound system was designed and installed by dB Audio & Video of Gainesville, Ga., which also supplied video and digital signage systems. In addition, the company reduced the live acoustical signature of the room, installing its custom acoustic absorption panels on the side and back walls, as well as the face of the rear balcony. Further treatment was applied above the platform to dramatically reduce noise introduced into the room.

The installation features dual SH-50 loudspeakers forming a single center array to provide the vast majority of main seating level coverage, supplemented by single SH-50s for bolstered coverage to the extreme sides of the room. All of these loudspeakers are flown above the front edge of the platform at a height of about 30 feet from the floor, tilted downward to focus coverage on the first to last row.

The balcony receives supplemental fill coverage from two Danley Sound Labs SH-100 compact full-range loudspeakers, 8-inch coaxial loaded, offering 110 degrees conical coverage. Signal to this pair is time delayed in the system’s signal processing to match its arrival with that of the main loudspeakers.

Two Danley Sound Labs TH-115 subwoofers bolster the low-end, placed in existing organ chambers carved out of the walls to the left and right of the platform. The single, 15-inch loaded TH-115 again incorporates designer Tom Danley’s tapped horn design principles, which maximize power transfer between the driver and horn.

“The TH-115 subs are crossed over low, at about 50 Hz, while the SH-50s are also solid in the 40Hz range, so what you get is true low-end ‘oomph’ from the combination of the two,” notes Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs. “The TH-115 is a fire-breathing monster of a sub, very efficient and with plenty of Q.”

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