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Delicate Productions Deploys VUE Audiotechnik Loudspeakers at Recent Events

Delicate Productions President Jason Alt with one of the company’s VUE Audiotechik loudspeakers custom painted in satin white.

As one of North America’s leading production companies, Camarillo, Calif.-based Delicate Productions provides audio, lighting, and multimedia services for an ever-expanding roster that includes names like The Killers, Silver Sun Pickups and Foo Fighters. The company recently updated its range of compact, portable systems, and in late September took delivery of 12 VUE Audiotechik boxes, including eight a-8 full range models, along with four as-115 subwoofers.

“I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about this new loudspeaker company that was a joint venture between the founders of EAW and Apogee Sound,” explains Delicate’s President, Jason Alt. “After a quick phone discussion, VUE invited us to a demo they were conducting near our headquarters here in Camarillo. We were immediately impressed with the build quality, as well as the forward, warm voicing that was exceptionally consistent throughout the range.”

Alt and team quickly recognized that the VUE speakers would be ideal for a series of private, VIP events taking place throughout October as part of L.A.’s Fashion Week. All 12 cabinets were custom painted in satin white, as requested.

“As a new company, I wasn’t sure they’d be willing to take on a custom job so soon,” says Alt. “Not only did they agree without hesitating, but I had the speakers in my warehouse within two weeks!”

Since late September, Delicate has successfully deployed the VUE systems in a variety of environments, at more than a dozen events. Discerning customers have ranged from Chanel (Chanel Cruse—produced by Bounce Event Marketing) to the Hammer Museum (a Mitie Tucker Event Production), to name just a few.

“The VUE speakers simply sounded fantastic,” says engineer Noel Edwards, who was among the first to use the new speakers for the Hammer Museum Gala. “They provided exactly the presence I needed, and best of all, they required almost no EQ. They just sounded so nice and warm right out of the box.”

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