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Denon Announces Firmware Update for DN-V755 Digital Audio Video Player

A firmware update for Denon Professional’s DN-V755 Digital Audio Video Player is expected to be available for all users free of charge as of August 1, 2007, from the company’s Website. Denon states that the update offers significant increases in functionality and new features.

The new firmware will allow the DN-V755 to pull content in any location with an Internet connection via an FTP server. The DN-V755 units can be programmed to log into the server at a scheduled time and download any new content and playlists there, and then automatically update and restart their hard drives. Content developers can also establish multiple directories containing customized content for different locations, and the new firmware update will allow the user to direct each DN-V755 unit to the proper directory.

The new firmware update also adds a password protection feature to the DN-V755; once implemented, content and playlists cannot be changed or uploaded by anyone but the authorized users.

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