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Digidesign Grants Full Developer License to Endless Analog

Endless Analog’s CLASP hardware interface

Nashville-based Endless Analog, which manufactures the CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) system, announces that Digidesign has granted the company a full developer license. Endless Analog can now develop and release a certified Pro Tools version of CLASP, heralded by many as a product able to preserve the future of analog recording.

“CLASP is very cool,” says Jeff Matulich, head of Digidesign Developer Partnerships. “We think it will add value to Pro Tools.”

Producer/engineer Chris Estes, the president of Endless Analog, is excited to begin demonstrating how to use CLASP with Pro Tools. “We have performed all of our demos of the product with Nuendo and Logic because we were waiting for full access to the Pro Tools SDK,” Estes says. “Now that we are developing a certified Pro Tools version of CLASP, I hope that audio pros will be assured it does work with all formats.” Estes says he looks forward to working closely with Digidesign as the company rolls out CLASP during this quarter.

CLASP is designed to successfully bridge the gap between analog tape and digital recording. Alvin Speights, a Grammy Award-winning mix engineer for artists such as India Arie, Outkast, TLC, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, attended a demonstration of the product. “CLASP is hot,” Speights says. “It makes me want go back to tape. The function of the CLASP makes the tape experience as easy as Pro Tools. I love it!”

Jim “Z” Zumpano, a producer and mixer who owns Zac Recording and Rentals in Atlanta agrees. “CLASP has given my lonely tape decks new ‘reason to live.’ As a studio and equipment owner, I am thrilled that I have regained my $100,000-plus dollar investments in analog.”

Endless Analog states that “with the use of CLASP, analog tape recording can once again become the norm but now can be experienced easily and effortlessly with the use of any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Endless Analog’s product allows you to achieve the warm and expressive sound of real analog tape while recording and editing with the speed of your DAW.”

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