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Digidesign Introduces ICON Mixer Training and Certification Program

Digidesign introduces “Pro Tools 3101: Advanced ICON Mixing Techniques,” a new educational training program that offers in-depth, hands-on ICON training. Led by Digidesign-certified ICON instructors, Pro Tools 3101 focuses on ICON operation and mixing techniques in both music and post-production environments.

Topics covered in Pro Tools 3101 include worksurface basics; navigating tracks on the console; channel strip basics; assigning and controlling plug-ins, sends and panning; tracking with ICON session navigation, zooming and editing techniques; custom faders; mixing and automation basics; advanced mixing and automation; and surround panning.

The courses are offered at three Digidesign headquarters locations: Daly City, Calif.; Pinewood Studios, UK; and in Tokyo, Japan (training can also be conducted in a designated ICON-equipped facility). Pro Tools 3101 offers a one-day ICON Overview Training course or a full three-day Comprehensive ICON Training course. Optional expert-level certification as a Certified ICON Mixer can be attained by completing the three-day ICON training course and passing both a hands-on certification exam as well as an online exam.

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