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Digidesign Ships Reel Tape Suite Analog Tape Emulation Plug-Ins

Digidesign is now shipping Reel Tape Suite ($495), a set of analog tape emulation plug-ins that are designed to re-create the warmth of analog tape recordings and tape effects in digital recordings or live audio. Reel Tape Suite comprises three plug-ins: Reel Tape Saturation, Reel Tape Delay and Reel Tape Flanger. The plug-ins are available in AudioSuite, TDM and RTAS formats, and promise to bring the vintage sound of analog gear to digital audio while providing all the advantages of today’s digital effects processors.

Reel Tape Saturation, which is also offered from the DigiStore as a stand-alone $295 download, simulates analog tape saturation effects by modeling analog tape machine and tape formulation characteristics. Reel Tape Delay simulates classic tape echo effects while providing precise control over regenerating echoes. Reel Tape Flanger simulates tape machine flanging effects.

Each Reel Tape Suite plug-in offers a full range of controls for fine-tuning the character of the effects. Users can select from the response characteristics of three different tape recorders and two different tape formulations. They can also alter the tape speed or feedback level and the bass and treble feedback response of the Reel Tape Delay. Reel Tape Flanger offers adjustable LFO rate and depth, wow and flutter, and delay time. Reel Tape Saturation lets you dial in the drive, noise, tape machine bias and level calibration.

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