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× Launches the Digital Musician Plug-In in Hamburg, Germany, an online creative collaboration platform headed by Chief Technical Officer Charlie Steinberg, announces the release of its Digital Musician Plug-In (DMP). The plug-in is designed to sit in any insert channel of any VST or Audio Units sequencer/DAW to enable real-time, online connection of different music production applications with one audio and video stream. DMP Version 2 is a peer-to-peer solution requiring a host DAW that uses ASIO/Core Audio and a high-speed Internet connection.

“The DMP is a milestone in my vision for musicians to connect, collaborate and produce music together no matter where they are in the world,” says Steinberg. “Using the DMP I can be running my Cubase on Windows in my Hamburg studio, collaborating with my guitarist in Los Angeles running her Logic system—all recording in real-time in a simple, smooth workflow. It’s as though we are all in the same studio together.”

The DMP features ASIO and Core Audio support, sample accurate sync, the ability to drag and drop audio files, a video feed, talkback, real-time chat, and more. is also offering its updated Digitalmusician Container (DMC V. 2), a stand-alone application offering the same feature set as the new DMP plug-in.

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