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Disc Makers Starts Courting the Elite

As reported in Digital Music News: “Established artists are increasingly leaving the major label nest and flying solo. Perhaps the biggest example comes from Radiohead, though a growing number of artists—including Nine Inch Nails and Tori Amos—are making big moves without the help of a big company.

“The financial argument is compelling, though the amount of heavy-lifting is daunting. That opens the door for new entrants, a slot that New York-based Disc Makers plans to fill. According to confidential sources familiar with the initiative, Disc Makers is now planning to launch a sister company called Elite Artist Services, an outfit geared toward upper-level, post-label acts.

Elite Artist Services will offer a range of physical and digital services, including disc manufacturing, merchandising, e-commerce infrastructure and asset distribution. Those services would be offered within a no-strings contract, though ahead of a formal announcement, exact terms of the planned agreements remain unclear. The move is part of a broader expansion for Disc Makers, a company that recently acquired CD Baby.

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