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T.H.E. Distribution, Production and Personnel News: No Shipments Until June 26, 2004

Taylor Hohendahl Engineering (T.H.E.) will undergo several changes over the next 60 days

Taylor Hohendahl Engineering (T.H.E.) will undergo several changes over the next 60 days. CEO Taylor Johnson and his family will be moving to Buenos Aires. Because of the company’s expanding facilities and product line, Johnson has decided to use his management and design skills onsite at the new factory (and new office and studio suite) in the Olivos suburb of Buenos Aires.

Production manager Cristian Hohendahl, who is currently in Europe for meetings, will resume T.H.E. microphone deliveries to the U.S. and Canadian distribution network by June 26.

In distribution news, T.H.E. is proud to announce that all U.S. and Canadian product sales will now be managed through our new distributor, Paul Kezmarsky Sr. at K-IV Enterprises in Mahwah, New Jersey. All product orders and shipments for the U.S. and Canada will go through Kezmarsky starting June 26. Dealers will all receive new contact, ordering and pricing information before June 19th. European sales will go through the factory office in Buenos Aires.

In other news, T.H.E. welcomes Michael Stocker of Michael Stocker and Associates (; Lagunitas, CA) as a board member, consulting acoustician and engineer. Stocker is well known to the folks at Skywalker Sound (Marin County, CA) as a studio design engineer and technology consultant and has been a long-time friend of Taylor Johnson’s. Stocker is also a consultant, lecturer and lobbyist against the use of naval low-frequency sonar for the Seaflow organization this year entitled Hear Where We Are. Hear Where We Are’s subject matter overlaps the fields of acoustics, cognitive science, animal communication, language, culture and architecture to explore our appreciation of how sound connects us to our surroundings.

In production news, the new T.H.E. factory, offices and studio are being renovated for use starting June 22. Also, a new systems engineer and new quality-control manager have been added to the T.H.E. staff.

During the summer months, T.H.E will be producing new products and new product lines. Already approved are KR-50A omnidirectional lollipop capsule for the KA-04 mic body; KP-7M omnidirectional test mic with built in 90 degree swivel head; lavalier Series microphones; new series omnidirectional diffuse capsules for the BS-3D; active cables; 90-degree plus “knuckles” for the KA-04 mic body and KR Series capsules.

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