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DK Launches New Utility Software for Configuring Its Audio Meters

DK-Technologies has introduced DK-Matrix, a new PC software package for its popular MSD600M and PT0660 series of audio meters that allows engineers to set up their meters to precisely suit their needs. Although the audio meters can be configured from the front plate, this new utility software option allows various aspects of the meter to be easily configured from a PC, and it offers additional features.

For example, crosspoints within the internal matrix can be set to connect the audio inputs to the outputs and to a variety of displays such as PPM bars, the JellyFish surround sound display, the phase meter and the spectrum analyzer. DK-Matrix also allows for inputs and outputs to be labeled, as well as allowing different colors and widths to be assigned to the bars of the PPM.

DK-Matrix offers the ability to create proprietary scales. Any standard scale can be recalled and modified to suit specific applications, while up to seven scales can be downloaded into the audio meter for direct recall via the front panel keys or as part of a preset position.

Each preset within the instrument can be individually configured, allowing the end user to select different setups. Once the instrument is configured, the total configuration can be stored as a file on the PC’s hard disk. If necessary, this can be transferred to other audio meters being used for similar purposes within the same facility.

The DK-Matrix software can also be used for loading new updates to the audio meter. It does this by communicating directly with the meter via the PC’s serial interface. Macros can also be created on the PC to directly control the instrument.

DK-Matrix is delivered on CD and is available to all new audio meter customers. It is also included with updates to DK’s new Version 5.0 instrument software as part of the company’s SoftWare Assurance (SWA) package.

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