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DK-Technologies Announces Free Upgrade to EBU R128

DK-Technologies 600 Series Loudness Display

Audio and video metering company DK-Technologies in Copenhagen, Denmark, is offering a free software update to all customers with a MSD or PT0 600 Series audio meter to enable them to use the new EBU R128 Loudness Recommendation as well as the ITU BS1770/1771 and ATSC recommendations.

All new meters will automatically have both specifications included, allowing customers access to use both recommendations.

Richard Kelley, sales and marketing Director for DK-Technologies, says: “Our 600 Series meters have a broad user base amongst the broadcast and post-production fraternity, all of whom are keen to comply with these new regulations on Loudness. As this update is very straightforward to implement, we want to help our customers achieve optimum results without the need to incur additional costs. Our decision to make this free indicates our determination to stay at the forefront of Loudness metering and monitoring technology.”

The long awaited announcement about EBU R128 came at the IBC Convention in Amsterdam. The Loudness Recommendation explains how broadcasters can now measure and normalize audio using Loudness meters instead of Peak Meters (PPMs), which had previously been common practice.

Kelley adds that DK-Technologies is “right behind” the EBU Recommendation, which it sees as vital for the whole industry. “The EBU has done a fantastic job in creating R128, and we want to do all we can to see it implemented. Loudness is currently such an important issue for the industry that we feel it is imperative that all our MSD600M++ customers have access to the very latest software and audio monitoring scales.”

DK-Technologies states that it has already responded to R128 by ensuring that every product in its PTO700 Series of audio and video meters and waveform monitors now complies to both the ITU and EBU specifications. The company says, “This latest development encompassing the 600 Series extends usability to a much larger group of customers, all of whom can now simplify the loudness issue by literally being able to see what they hear in a clear and easy to read format.”

For more information, contact a local distributor or visit DK-Technologies’ Website.