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DK-Technologies Publishes Guide to Audio Metering Basics

Danish manufacturer DK-Technologies has released Audio Levels and Readings, a booklet written by independent audio consultant and AES member Eddy Bøgh Brixen. The booklet is supplied free of charge to anyone who purchases an audio meter from DK-Technologies, and is also available as a download from DK-Technologies’ Website.

Audio Levels and Readings offers insight into audio levels and metering, covering topics ranging from an explanation of audio signals and measuring levels, to more complex issues such as loudness, A-weighting and how analog levels relate to digital scales.

“Good audio requires technological as well as musical skills,” says DK-Technologies CEO Karsten Hansen. “Customers who have purchased an audio meter from DK-Technologies have already invested in a high quality product that offers a wealth of useful features. The aim of this booklet is to reinforce their purchase by providing useful information that will help develop their understanding of audio levels and readings. We know that our customers want to create perfect audio and the combination of our products and our expertise can only help them move further toward this goal.”

Written in an easy to digest style, the booklet is recommended as a quick reference. Engineers who want to take the subject further can do so by purchasing Eddy Bøgh Brixen’s Audio Metering book, which is also available from DK-Technologies’ Website.

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