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Drawmer Introduces the 1973 3-band FET Stereo Compressor

The all-analog Drawmer 1973’s ($1,825 MSRP) features include three independent compressor sections with two variable-frequency 6dB/octave crossovers to separate them into low, middle, and high frequency compression sections. Each section contains familiar threshold, gain, attack, and release controls, along with gain-reduction metering.

Moreover, each section can be independently muted or bypassed for straightforward setup and monitoring. The low section possesses a “Big” switch for enhanced low-end, whereas the high section possesses an “Air” switch for enhanced high-end. The three sections are recombined to form the “wet” signal, which can be mixed to variable degree with the dry signal for easy parallel compression. Illuminated VU meters are designed to make monitoring compression and output intuitive.

Drawmer’s longtime distributor, TransAudio Group, will distribute the 1973 in the U.S. The Drawmer 1973 will be shown at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles (October 9-12) in booth #1110.

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