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Dynaudio Acoustics Introduces New Active Subwoofer

The new BM 14S ($2,195) active subwoofer from Dynaudio Acoustics was designed to deliver detailed and powerful bass reproduction in stereo or multichannel monitoring setups. The BM 14S is equipped with an LFE output for daisy-chaining several subwoofers, and a highpass filter that provides bass management in a 2.1 system. The subwoofer handles the heavy power-consuming low frequencies, which improves the performance and precision of the satellites.

The subwoofer delivers 300 watts of power and has a frequency response of 18 to 250 Hz. The BM 14S 12-inch woofer is housed in a closed compact cabinet, which secures an extremely precise low frequency reproduction.

The BM 14S is designed to compliment Dynaudio Acoustics’ BM and M Series monitors, but will work well with any stereo or multichannel setup. The new subwoofer will ship in May 2006.

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