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E4 Club Gets dbx Treatment

dbx ZonePRO and DriveRack P.A. systems have recently been installed in new club, E4 (Scottsdale, Ariz.), which were part of the venue’s multiroom interactive A/V experience.

“The design of E4 is basically a lot of small areas tied together by these four major themes,” explains Thom Casey, senior engineer at Wardin Cockriel and Associates and the primary audio and acoustical consultant on the 8,400-square-foot E4. “The Air room is an outdoor patio featuring plasma TV and cloud projections. Earth is a grotto lounge. Fire is an upstairs disco with a bar and a VIP room. Liquid features waterfalls and bubble columns around its dance area.

“We used the dbx ZonePRO 1260 to route the multiple sources used throughout the club to create highly discrete, distinct zones,” Casey continues. “The ZonePRO has incredible sonics and the flexibility to do a wide variety of very different zones—from ambient background music to a high-energy biamplified dancefloor to music videos on the plasma screens. The level of control allows you to get very creative in designing spaces.”

The ZonePRO is controlled from each of these four main themed areas with four dbx ZC-8 controllers, addressed through a dbx ZC-BOB system, which allows multiple ZC-8 systems to be used concurrently. All of the club’s dancefloor audio systems have DSP handled by a pair of dbx DriveRack P.A.s. “Their sonics are exceptional, as well,” notes Casey, “and they also provide highly reliable protection from surges and overloads. We can set limiters at various levels in different areas so that no matter what the source and intensity, every zone gets sound in perfect relation to its theme and size. The dbx equipment is simply great stuff to work with because it works so well.”

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