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EastWest Announces Symphonic Orchestra Upgrade Group Buy

EastWest is offering customers the opportunity to purchase any Pro XP upgrade to the Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra virtual instruments (Silver, Gold and Platinum) line at a discounted price of up to 50 percent when they participate in a group buy hosted by the company.

Until March 19, 2007, buyers purchasing the upgrade from EastWest’s Website can group together in order to receive a discount. The number of participants in the group buy determines the level of the discount.

A 10-percent discount is offered to one to 25 buyers; 25 to 50 buyers receive a 20-percent discount; 51 to 75 buyers receive a 30-percent discount; 40 to 100 buyers receive a 40-percent discount; and the maximum 50-percent discount is offered to groups of more than 100 buyers.

In addition, participants in the group buy will also receive a free upgrade to EastWest’s PLAY software, a 64-bit advanced sample engine; refer to EastWest’s Website for specific conditions. With PLAY, users can load more instruments and voices, and are limited only by their host system’s RAM.

In order to participate in the group buy, visitors to EastWest’s site must specifically select the product upgrades marked “group buy.” An initial entry fee equalling the minimum amount that the product will cost is also required. If the number of group buyers exceeds 100, no additional payment is necessary. To date, all previous group buys have reached their maximum discount, many in the first week.

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