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EAW Introduces SB1001 Subwoofer

EAW in Whitinsville, Mass., launches the SB1001 ($TBA) large-format dual 18-inch loaded subwoofer as the successor to its SB1000. The company states that the new SB1001 is essentially an SB1002 large format flyable subwoofer without the rigging hardware.

The SB1001 is designed for a wide range of non-flying applications (with rigging hardware available as an optional separate product if desired), including concert touring, arenas, houses of worship, auditoriums/theaters, stage/drum fill monitoring, large dance clubs or any other application that requires an articulate, powerful low end. While the dimensions of the SB1001’s vented enclosure and the fundamental acoustical philosophy remain true to the SB1000, the core components are significantly enhanced to include larger 4.5-inch (115-mm) voice coils, 20-percent higher BI and all neodymium magnet structures. The result is said to be a lighter-weight reference standard that has greater impact, power handling and output capabilities than the SB1000.

The unique driver mounting of the SB1001 maximizes cone area and allows for the integration of an extremely low-turbulence port while minimizing front area, providing the acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large subwoofer arrays. Two 18-inch drivers employ 4.5-inch voice coils, as well as powerful neodymium magnet structures that also reduce weight. The operating frequency range of the SB1001 is 27 to 161 Hz (± 3 dB). Maximum sound pressure levels are 129 dB (average) and 135 dB (peak).

Dual Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors are positioned on a rear-mounted section of the cabinet angled inward at approximately 45 degrees, allowing the SB1001 to position itself flush against walls in a groundstack configuration. Additionally, the SB1001 can be permanently suspended with 16 3/8-inch – 16 points and is fully prepped and ready to receive the user-installable quick release rigging kit accessory for touring applications. The rugged grille protecting the drivers matches that of the KF760 Series, while the cabinet is finished in a durable, wear-resistant textured black paint.

To optimize LF response, the SB1001 subwoofer is designed for use with EAW’s UX8800 dual-mode digital processor featuring EAW Focusing Technology. Optimized processor settings for EAW’s UX8800 Digital Signal Processor are available for download at

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