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EAW Names Steve Davis Service Manager

EAW in Whitinsville, Mass., has appointed Steve Davis (pictured) to the position of EAW Service Manager. The company states that this appointment reflects its dedication to enhanced communications and direct access to resources for greater overall efficiency and faster turnaround on service issues.

Davis previously held this same position at EAW before shifting his focus to his own company, Performance Audio of New England (PANE), where he continued to contribute with his service expertise. Coincidentally, PANE has been located in the same mill complex where EAW designs and manufactures its loudspeakers.

Having worked as an EAW employee, and then as a contract vendor, Davis is now in his 25th year as EAW’s primary service resource. As a result of the new appointment, he will soon relocate to a new, dedicated space in EAW’s manufacturing complex. With communications streamlined and with service connected directly to the rest of EAW’s resources, the company promises that it will resolve customer service issues more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

EAW President Jeff Rocha, made the announcement. “Steve Davis is one of the most trusted resources—indeed, one of the most trusted names—in all of pro audio,” Rocha says. “When customers send a loudspeaker to Steve for service or repair, they do so with complete faith in his ability to solve their problems. He is truly world-class, and it’s great to have him back on the team. With Steve again on board, we are one step closer to reaching our goal of being a fully integrated organization with the necessary complement of internal resources to comprehensively serve our customers’ needs.”

Davis says, “To tell the truth, it’s not that big a change for me, because I’ve been servicing EAW products all along. I know that EAW has recently brought back many of the familiar names from the past, and they’ve all felt like a homecoming. I never really went that far away.”

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