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Eddie Kramer Receives Royer Labs’ 5000th R-121 Microphone

Eddie Kramer, the noted record producer and engineer who has worked on recording sessions with the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss and other artists, recently became the recipient of Royer Labs’ 5000th R-121 dynamic ribbon microphone. Unlike standard production run R-121s, which are silver in appearance, the 5000th unit presented to Kramer is specially finished in black and is engraved with the number 5000. The microphone was presented to Kramer during one of his periodic visits to Royer headquarters, during which time Kramer gave the Royer staff one of his prized photographs of Led Zeppelin.

Acknowledging the significance of this particular microphone, Kramer noted, “I’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Royer, and this mic is, indeed, very special to me. With the addition of this particular R-121, I’m pleased to say I now have a stereo pair. Most of the stuff I do is rock, so for me, the R-121’s primary application is miking guitar amps. The R-121 is one of the centerpieces my guitar sound.”

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