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Electro-Voice Microphones Shine at Australian Gospel Music Festival

The eighth Australian Gospel Music Festival recently drew in excess of 45,000 people over three days to the Queensland city of Toowoomba. CPC Audio Pty. Ltd. of Bundamba, Queensland, provided the festival with Electro-Voice speaker systems and microphones.

The festival’s number-two venue, the Bigtop, featured such artists as Rookie, Hillsong United and U.S. visitors Randy Stonehill and Pillar. The main vocal microphones were EV N/D967s in both cabled and wireless form, with EV RE-1 transmitters. The drums featured an N/D868 kick mic, with an N/D168 on top of the snare and a classic PL 6 on the snare’s bottom. N/D468 mics were used for the toms. An RE200 condenser was used on the hi-hats and new EV Blue Cardinals were used as overheads. Percussion and other instruments (such as flute and saxophone) were miked with RE510s. Guitar cabinets were miked with the new EV Blue Ravens. Klark Teknik DN100s were used as DI interfaces.

“It’s unusual for one brand to be able to provide a superb result across a complete stage for both instruments and vocals,” commented systems engineer Phil Webb. “The 967s are just great for vocals; it’s the microphone I always go to when I want maximum level and isolation in both FOH and monitors. The real standout, though, is the RE510—I have yet to come across a better flute/sax/percussion microphone. And to think EV markets it only as a vocal microphone!”

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