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Elektrofilm Upgrades Its Post-Production Suites with JBL LSR Studio Monitors

JBL Professional has outfitted eleven Elektrofilm Digital Studios with two LSR6328P studio monitor systems and nine LSR4326P surround sound systems. Located in Burbank, Calif., Elektrofilm Burbank is the newest member of a global network of Elektrofilm Digital Studios offering a full slate of development to distribution services.

In addition to sound quality, one of the most important criteria was that the speakers sound identical from one bay to the next. In designing the build-out of the new Burbank venue, Director of Engineering Nick Mairose and Audio Services Manager Rick Larimore determined that JBL LSR4300 5.1 studio monitor systems would be integral to each bay, offering audio mixing, graphics, video editing and compression services.

“In building these rooms, we wanted a speaker line that sounded great, first of all,” says Larimore. “And we required accurate translation from one set to the next as we move from the mix rooms to edit suites to DVD bays. It’s a high priority for us and the LSR speakers were impressive in that regard.

“With the 4300 Series you simply set the proper test signals and they tune the room by themselves, leaving us with more time for fine tuning,” Larimore adds. “They are easy and accurate, so once we calibrate them, they stay that way.”

Along with the two rooms housing the JBL LSR6328P 8-inch powered stereo systems, Elektrofilm supplied its nine other suites with 5.1 systems based on the LSR4326 model, a 6-inch, two-way bi-amplified monitoring system.

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