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elysia Announces xfilter Stereo EQ, museq Plug-In

elysia xfilter stereo EQ

elysia announces availability of its xfilter true stereo equalizer ($1,679 MSRP), the latest addition to its line of 19-inch rackmount hardware. The xfilter is a true stereo equalizer with a 100-percent Class-A signal path, promising “an exceptionally open boutique sound with flawless transient projection and solid punch.” xfilter is designed to process single audio signals, perform creative sound shaping, and handle mix bus duties as well as mastering.

xfilter offers high- and low-shelving bands with the ability to change to high- and low- cut filters with resonance, a feature found on elysia’s flagship equalizer, the museq. The xfilter also provides two midrange-peak filters with switchable (wide or narrow) Q factor. In addition to its four flexible active bands, the xfilter features a switchable fixed low-cut filter for polishing the high frequency range. This passive filter mainly comprises a capacitor and a coil per channel that produce a slight resonance peak around 12 kHz, focusing the saturation-like storage effect of the coil on the area around the peak without excessively pushing the complete high frequency spectrum.

By linking its two channels, the xfilter effectively eliminates the task of manually matching the settings for the left and right signal. All stepped potentiometers ensure fast and precise recall of earlier settings. Moreover, each and every dual and quad layer pot is measured with custom computer routines. Plus, a special series of ultra-low-tolerance film capacitors promise a stereo image with greater precision.

The new xfilter is made in Germany with top-quality components, gold-plated PCBs, a rugged 4mm aluminium front panel, and solid aluminium knobs. The unit has a high-grade linear power supply with shielded toroidal transformer, and is housed in a lightweight yet sturdy full aluminium chassis. Both XLR and balanced ¼-inch inputs and outputs are provided.

Find more information about the elysia xfilter.

elysia museq plug-in

Plugin Alliance LLC announces availability of the elysia museq equalizer plug-in ($249), which offers the features found on the original museq hardware unit, including the resonant highpass and lowpass filters, which are switchable to high- and low-shelf types, and the Warm mode sound shaper for adding transparency, coloration or both to a mix. elysia museq is available in 64- and 32-bit versions for Mac and Windows (AAX Native, AS, AU, RTAS, VST 2.4, and VST 3) directly from Plugin Alliance.

The elysia museq plug-in further offers a M/S mode, an integrated M/S matrix for mid-side processing; Link, to link both channels for more convenient stereo operation; and dedicated output level controllers for adapting settings to the available headroom. The elysia museq license includes two plug-ins in one: a Master version with all available features, plus a simplified Mix version for faster setup.

Find more information about the elysia museq plug-in.

Watch demo videos of elysia products on elysia’s YouTube channel at

The museq plug-in is available for purchase and download directly from Plugin Alliance.