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elysia Introduces nvelope 500 Stereo Dynamics Processor

elysia in Nettetal, Germany, announces the nvelope 500 ($1,049 MSRP; $975 MAP), a two-rackspace 500 Series stereo dynamics processor that is capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by altering its impulse structure, providing direct control over the envelope of a signal by shaping the intensity of its attack and sustain.

elysia states that nvelope 500 is primarily intended to shape individual signals, but in addition, it can subtly shift a sound toward the front of a mix using more attack and less sustain, or blend it gently into the background by reducing its attack and increasing its sustain. In Dual Band mode, individual frequency controls for attack and sustain are said to yield precise results while avoiding unwanted artifacts, even when used on complex material like a summing bus.

The nvelope 500 offers true dual mono or linked stereo operation in Full Range, Dual Band or EQ mode. It is made in Germany exclusively using top quality components, gold plated PCBs, a rugged 4mm aluminum front panel and solid aluminum knobs.

Find more information on the elysia nvelope 500.

Watch elysia’s product-demo video “nvelope 500 In Action.”