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elysia Offers Discount On mpressor TDM Plug-In Until January 31

elysia mpressor plug-in

Until January 31, 2010, elysia is offering a 25-percent discount on the full TDM license and the upgrade from an already purchased native license to TDM, for the TDM version of its mpressor software dynamics processor plug-in. Customers can buy the TDM version at the regular price of the native version, or upgrade at the reduced introductory price.

A free 14-day trial version is available for download from elysia’s mpressor download page (iLok authorization is required).

With the 25-percent discount, prices are $440 for the full license and $110 for the upgrade from native to TDM. (Prices plus VAT if applicable.)

Go to elysia’s Website for more information about mpressor and an audio demo; to purchase a copy, go to elysia’s online store.