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Emotiva Pro Debuts with High Performance Studio Monitors

Emotiva Airmotiv 6

Emotiva Audio Corporation in Franklin, Tenn., announces a new division, Emotiva Pro, which is releasing a lineup of high performance professional audio components designed specifically for the studio and desktop studio market. Emotiva Pro debuts with Airmotiv, a lineup of self-powered, high-resolution monitoring systems based on superior transducer and amplification technologies, and designed with recording studios and audio workstations of all sizes in mind.

Each model uses Emotiva’s exclusive Airmotiv folded ribbon high-frequency transducer system, which promises crystal clear, extended frequency response throughout and even beyond the audible range. All the Airmotiv monitors are fully bi-amplified, with separate internal amplifiers for both the woofer and high-frequency transducer. This design is said to eliminate the need for outboard amplification (and more gear), while allowing greater output, lower distortion, and precise control of the acoustical system.

The compact Airmotiv 4, with 50 watts RMS of internal bi-amplified power, is 9.4 inches high for home studio and near-field monitoring applications. The Airmotiv 4’s 4.5-inch low frequency drivers and dedicated LF amplification are said to deliver copious amounts of clean bass down to 52 Hz without the need for a subwoofer. The Airmotiv 5 features a 5.25-inch woofer with 100 watts RMS of bi-amplified power, with dedicated amplifiers for high and low frequency drivers. The flagship Airmotiv 6 offers precision-matched drivers and 210 watts of bi-amplified internal power for bass impact, high-end extension, detail retrieval, control, and dynamics.

All Airmotiv models feature a folded ribbon high-frequency transducer. The low frequency drivers feature Curv ultra rigid and lightweight composite cone structure. Airmotiv monitors also feature single ended RCA and balanced XLR connections, high frequency tilt control, and a low frequency shelving control.

Emotiva Pro offers a no-risk 30-day audition period. For more information, go to