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Engineer Darryl LaVictoire Relies on sE Gemini Microphone

London-based engineer Darryl LaVictoire (pictured) is currently using sE Electronics’ Gemini cardioid, dual-tube condenser microphone for projects with artists such as Hil St. Soul, the Four Kornerz gospel project and Brian Temba. “Brian’s voice is incredible,” LaVictoire says. “His register is quite high and could be tricky in some circumstances. But the Gemini made it sound so warm, lush and perfect.”

In recalling how he discovered the Gemini, LaVictoire says, “I met producer Troy Antunes [bass player for Justin Timberlake]. I asked him what mic he was using, as his vocal recordings sounded so good. It was refreshing to hear a vocal recording that was so clean and warm. He then told me about his sE mics.

“I’m amazed by the clarity and the top end of the Gemini mic and very impressed with the sound [that comes] directly from it,” LaVictoire continues. “The sound is just there; you don’t have the option to roll off any frequencies because you don’t need to. With the Gemini, you switch it on and it’s ready to go. Also, the presence and detail in the headphones is very distinctive compared to any other mic. That’s so important because when a singer can hear themselves clearly, they give a much better performance. One of the worst things on a session is an unhappy vocalist, but that outcome is not possible if you have a Gemini.

LaVictoire’s reputation is such that he is constantly in demand. “I’ve mixed tracks for Sugababes, Blue, Mis-teeq, Big Brovaz, Liberty X, Beverley Knight and Atomic Kitten, among many others,” he says. “People come to me for what I do—my work speaks for itself. Later this year I am working with Ali and Wayne Hector, and also on Fundamental’s new album.”

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